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Hello, here are a bunch of textures I've taken over the years. I've used them for painting in photoshop, part of materials in a 3D programs and stencils in sculpting programs. Feel free to use them in all commercial and non-commercial work (as long as it isn't a texture site). No credit or acknowledgement required. Also, let me know the projects you’ve used them in :) - Thanks, Louis.


Brick Textures


Metal Textures


Wood Textures


Stone Textures


Brick and mortar
Grates, shutters, rusted metal
Floors, bark, grain
Pebbles, granite, spackle

Rubble Textures


Sky Textures


Plant Textures


Fabric Textures


Loose material, sand, grit
Clouds, sun, skydomes
Grass, leaves, bushes
Jean, cotton, fleece, silk

Grunge Textures


Details Textures


Scratches, rust, damp, dirt
Big and small details, vents, lights




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